VN MOD APK v2.2.7 Download – Premium Features Unlocked

If you are a content creator or social media influencer, editing your videos, reels, and shorts is always challenging. It is hard to choose the right video editor according to your content for Android. Isn’t it? Many video editing applications are available on the Play Store, but they are not efficient enough to fulfill your desires. They offer fewer functions, and all the seasoned functions are paid and have some flaws.

As a video editor, I researched a lot and came up with an excellent video editor app, the VN video editor mod APK; it has all the top-rate features I preferred. VN mod APK is very easy to use. By using VN Pro Mod APK, you can make your videos fascinating.

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You can download and install the VN video editor on Android, MAC, IOS, and PC devices. But you can enjoy the VN mod APK only on your Android device. I will provide the VN mod APK with all its premium features. This article will give tips and tricks for using the VN Pro mod APK.

What’s new:

  • VN Video Editor now allows users to publish customized filters.
  • VN optimizes overall performance and fixes issues.
Vn Video Editor Premium APK

What Is VN Video Editor APK?

VN Video Editor Mod APK is a powerful, simple, easy-to-use video editing application available in your app stores. Its free version has ads, and the app is about 190MB in size. The friendly interface makes video editing so easy that no editing skills are required. It offers all the features that give your video a professional look and make it more engaging, catering to professional and beginner video editors. VN Video Editor has a 4.7 rating, 2,808,796 votes, and more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store.

What is the VN APK used for?

VN video editor [Vlog Now] Mod APK is used to make your videos so professional that they attract the audience. You can export your videos with no watermark at 4K resolution that looks so realistic that it appears to be recorded by some professional gadgets. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner; if you are interested in video editing, you can easily use it.

In case you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can also use VN Video Editor on your IOS device with VN for IOS. If you are using MAC then it’s an advantage for you because, with the powerful hardware and software of MAC, you can edit your videos professionally with VN Video Editor for MAC.

If you’re a content creator seeking an efficient video editing solution for Android, consider VN Video Editor Mod APK for its professional features and user-friendly interface. Pairing it with tools like PicsArt MOD APK can enhance your creative process even further.

Is the VN app completely free?

The VN available on the Play Store is completely free. There is not any feature for what you have to pay any charges. But there is a flaw: the free version of the VN Mod APK contains ads. These ads can irritate you during your editing time.

Is VN safe?

VN video editor is safe. You can use it without any hesitation. You should read the privacy policy carefully. Based on user reviews from the App Store and Play Store, no major security concerns exist. Based on our experience, we are giving you some tips to keep your data safe.

  • To enjoy the latest security patches, keep the VN APK updated to the latest version.
  • Always monitor the permission the app requests and only allow access to what’s necessary.
  • Remember the username and password through which you sign up in the VN video editor Mod APK.

What is VN Video Editor Mod APK?

VN video editor mod APK is a modified version that offers users all the pro features. The people who are exhausted from irritating ads want to find an effortless and swift technique to remove watermarks from their export videos. This mod version offers them the solutions to these major problems. Its pro unlocked features are useable on Android smartphones and tablets.

What makes VN Mod APK popular?

VN video editor mod APK is a simple and popular video editing app developed by third-party developers. The original VN APK does not offer its users such amazing features. You can easily edit your videos with easy-to-use features in the original VN video editor.

Sometimes the ads and the watermark on your videos make you annoyed. But the VN Mod APK pro unlocked removes all the restrictions and offers its users all the pro features. With many editing tools and pre-made templates, you can make your videos look more professional.

VN APK allows its users to use all the premium features, like removing the watermark and ads. The original app doesn’t offer such features. You can only use these features in the original VN APK by purchasing its pro subscription.

Its subscription costs are $3.99/month, up to $21.99/year; in Indian rupees 249inr/month and 1099/year, Pakistani rupees RS:690.00/month and RS:4200.00/year. There is no need to pay to purchase its subscription while we are giving you the pro unlocked VN Mod APK modyolo.

User-friendly interface:

The app’s interface is hassle-free and elegantly structured, allowing users to operate it effortlessly. The main screen provides access to your recent projects, works, beats clips, and templates. It gives you access to the video editor, filters, FX, and its most premium timeline.

When you first access the VN app, it will provide you with tutorials that will help you understand every VN video editor pro app feature.


The app is comparatively fast. It can quickly export your videos without a watermark. However, some of its advanced features need a powerful smartphone to run without flaws. Long video with 4K resolution and higher bitrate requires more export time, depending on your device.

Best Features of VN MOD APK

VN mod APK premium unlocked provides many pro features to its users. It is important to know all the features and ways to use them. Here, we discuss all its features in detail, so read on.

1. Use Multilayer Timeline:

All video editor apps need a versatile timeline to arrange everything during editing. Additionally, VN Pro APK comes with a multilayer timeline. You can import your videos, pictures, texts, stickers, and songs simultaneously and then arrange them according to your desire.
You can easily apply filters by simply touching your desired filter. You can zoom in, zoom out, trim, adjust speed, adjust volume, add fade, crop, rotate, extract audio, and much more. You can edit your videos using all the tools according to your needs present at the bottom.

2. No Lag:

VN video editor pro APK is generally praised for its lag-free experience.VN Pro APK is efficient and utilizes the device resources effectively.
VN editor mod APK offers smoother editing as compared to other video editors you may have experienced. As we use VN Pro APK for our editing works, based on our personal experience, its interface is well organized and uncomplicated, reducing unnecessary clicks and actions that can cause lag.

3. No Ads on the App Interface:

If you use the free version of the VN video editor downloaded from the Play Store or app store, you get many irritating ads that annoy you. The most irritating thing about this version is that when you open the app, a full-screen ad will appear that looks so annoying. 
You must download the VN video editor Pro APK to eliminate these ads. The VN editor mod APK provides you with an ad-free experience. You can easily finish your work on the editor without wasting even a second of watching ads.

4. Use Keyframe Animation on Video:

The animations look impressive, and you should also use the animations in your videos. However, the problem is that it’s not easy to create adequate animations. You have to use third-party software, which is not so good, and many are paid. But the VN Video Editor Pro app comes with the keyframe animations feature; you can create stunning animations using this feature on the VN mod APK premium unlocked.

To use keyframe animations, you have to click on the timeline of your video or picture, and then you will surely get the keyframe option. You can use the curve tool to create impressive animations and select the path. In this way, you can use the keyframe animation feature with ease.

VN Keyframe animations
VN Text templates

5. Pre-Made Video Templates and Effects:

Pre-made video templates on the VN video editor mod APK are amazingly impressive for making short viral content or status. Even if you don’t know how to edit videos, using a pre-made template is best. To use these templates, you have to choose the top template that you like and then click on the download button. Then, you have to click on the “use template” to import your videos and pictures from your phone gallery.

Once you have imported your desired videos and pictures, click the “next” button. The app is so powerful that it creates stunning videos for you. Later, you can substitute text, pictures, and videos accordingly. You can export your video at high resolution. You can upload this video to your social media and impress others.

6. Apply filters:

VN Pro APK also comes with a collection of lots of free filters. You can use these by clicking the filter buttons below the timeline. You can click on any of the filters present there and preview it. Once you have found the best filter, click “apply on all,” the filter will be applied to your whole video. VN Video Editor also allow to blur background of the video.

7. Add Music, Customize Background Music and Voice Over:

A video is not worth seeing without music and sounds; it looks dull and unattractive. You must choose the right music and sound for your video to feel professional. VN allows you to customize and import audio from your phone for free. Later, you can customize it according to your desire; You can adjust the speed, volume, cut, paste, change the duration, and more.

In the editing interface, you will see the first option for the audio; tap on it once, and then three options will appear. Firstly, you can add audio directly from your phone memory. Secondly, you can also add sounds from the VN sound library, and thirdly, you can add your voice to the video(voice-over). You can easily import and customize all kinds of sounds in your video.

If you are a content creator and want to add your voice to your videos, you can effortlessly do this with the VN Pro APK. You have to record with a mic, and then this app will automatically add it to your video; later, you can customize it. This feature helps many content creators save time, effort, and money.

VN MOD APK Music and audio
VN APK Filters

8. Stickers and emojis:

In the filter option, there are not so many filters. VN app also doesn’t offer a huge variety of stickers and emojis, but the thing I like about it is that this app is not bound for what it has. Meanwhile, it allows us to import the stickers, emojis, and filters directly from our phone gallery. This feature makes the VN Pro APK exceptional.

9. Use Text in Different Fonts and Colors:

Instructional and informational films can, without difficulty, bore a person. However, the textual content is the simplest component that can make those films attractive. VN app also offers text equipment with extraordinary fonts and hues. In the enhancing interface, you get the text device. There are plenty of presets that you may pick out from. Afterward, you can personalize it as a result.

10. Save Draft:

Making a video is sometimes very irritating because you have to complete your work until it is finished and save it in your phone gallery before uploading it. The VN app gives you an exceptional feature: it stores all your edited videos in the “Projects,” so you can easily edit them later.

11. Advanced Subtitle Tool:

Subtitles are very important in any video; they make the video look professional and catchy. Plenty of apps exist on both the Play Store and the App Store, but most are paid, and the free ones aren’t that good. But if you want to create your professional subtitles, you can do it just fine with a VN video editor application.

It has a powerful and advanced subtitling feature, and users can use it to create sophisticated text, slides, and overlays. Later, you can customize the font, size, and color. Moreover, VN APK Pro also offers subtitle presets. You can select the most interesting presets and then click “Use this.” subtitle presets will be added to your video, and you can customize them.

12. Chroma Key:

Chroma key is a powerful tool in the video editing world. It is used to remove the background of any video with accuracy. You can make professional content using your device’s green screen and chroma key.
VN pro mod APK comes with this powerful tool to remove the background of videos. It works by removing the green part of the video. You can use the chroma key by recording the green screen video with your mobile phone or overlay. Then you can use your pictures and video at that part.

VN MOD APK Advanced Subtitles & No Lag
VN MOD APK slick video editor

13. Aspect ratios:

VN APK offers you the many formats that make your video appealing. If you are a social media influencer, then it is the video editor of your dreams. It allows you to adjust the ratio of your video according to your social media. It offers you pre-made aspect ratios that you can apply to your videos.   

14. Unlock all Pro Features:

VN video editor is one of the most popular video editors of this time because it offers all the important features for free. Millions of people use the VN app to make their videos appealing. Some of the advanced features are not free to use, available only in the premium version, and offered to the premium users of the VN app.

But if you want to use those pro features for free, you must download VN APK.VN Pro APK is completely unlocked and works perfectly on any Android device. You can edit your videos without any restrictions or limitations.

15. Share your Project:

The project-sharing feature is so unique that it is only available in PC video editors, but the VN app also makes it possible. It also provides its users with this exceptional pro feature on smartphones. Using this feature you can send your videos directly to other users of Vn.

For sharing a project, the steps are given below.

  • Open the project you want to share.
  • Tap the three dots on the project thumbnail.
  • Select “share project.”

16. Export Video without Watermark:

Once you have finished editing your video, export it to your phone gallery to watch it on any video player. But if you edit and export the video using the original VN app. In that case, the video will have a watermark that can’t be removed in the free version because you have to purchase the pro version to remove this irritating watermark. You will not face the watermark issue using the VN mod APK pro unlocked. You can edit and export your high-quality videos with no watermark.

Export projects Without Watermark

How to Download VN Video Editor [Vlog Now] Pro MOD APK and Install Successfully?

Downloading the VN mod APK is sometimes challenging. isn’t it? Because some websites provide the wrong APK that doesn’t work properly on your devices. But you can easily download the VN mod APK from our site by following the simple steps below. Open your favorite browser, open this page, and click on the download.

  • Open your favorite browser, open this page, and click on the download.
  • Once the download is finished, click on the APK file from your phone’s file manager.
  • You may need to grant permission for” unknown resources”; open the settings and allow it.
  • Now, click the back button to find the install button on your screen.
  • Click on the install button and wait for a moment.

Well done; now you can use the VN pro app free on your Android smartphone.

Five Steps to download and install VN Mod APK

System Requirements:

 Your device is required to fulfill the minimum requirements To run the VN video editor pro app smoothly.

ProcessorOcta-Core Processor with 2.0GHz Clock Speed [Recommended Snapdragon 710]
RAM4GB or above
Operating systemAndroid 6.0 and up
permissionsGallery, Phone storage, Camera, Microphone, Wi-fi 

People Asked Questions [FAQs]:

Yes, the VN Pro APK is safe; we tested it differently. You can use it without any hesitation. 

Using the VN video editor mod APK, creating professional videos, and exporting them without a watermark is now possible. The free version of VN does not offer this feature.

The VN pro APK has all the premium features. You can use these pro features without spending a single penny.

 You can edit your videos without any internet connection. You should have a stable internet connection for downloading video templates, FX, text presets, and other effects.

Final words:

 In this manual, we strive to explain all VN Pro APK features. We also share the complete guide to download the VN Video Editor MOD APK with all Pro Unlocked features. If you enjoy video editing on the app, share it with your friends.

If you have any queries and are facing any problems with it, please leave a comment. Also, stay connected with us to get the latest updates. Which feature do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section.