vn video editor How To Remove Background Noise

How to Remove Background Noise in VN Video Editor

I always got curious about how professional content creators edit their videos so that there is no background noise or distraction. Background noise is so bad that it distracts people from concentrating on the real content. People always prefer to watch videos that are noise-free and professionally edited. I wondered if I could edit my videos like them and how to remove background noise from their videos.

I did some research and concluded that the VN Video Editor can online remove the background noise, edit my videos, and make them appealing.VN app gives its users a bundle of features for free. The VN editor is a pro-quality, fast video editor that allows you to edit and remove the background noise from your videos easily.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced video editor or a new content creator who is starting editing. With the easy interface, you can easily understand all its features and use them to make your videos more engaging. You can also remove the irritating noise from your videos by using the audio feature of the VN Video Editor.

vn video editor How To Remove Background Noise

Download VN Video Editor:

The vn video editor is becoming famous and got the title of slick mobile editor. It has over 100 million downloads and got 4.8 stars on the Google Play Store. Vn is an advanced video editor with no watermark. Download the Vn Video Editor from the link below. You can also download VN for PC and VN for IOS is also available.



Ubiquiti Labs, LLC

Current Version



Android Version


MOD Features

Pro Features Unlocked


199.69 MB

Effects of Background Noise:

It is considered unprofessional to have background noise. No matter how meaningful the video is, it destroys the video experience. Consequently, people will not watch your video, resulting in losing followers. Due to noise, it will be difficult for people to understand the dialogue in the video.

Background noise will interfere with successfully transmitting information in videos where communication is crucial, like interviews, podcasts, and informational videos. If you upload videos on social media,noise will contribute to a poor user experience. Regarding business video content, background noise can negatively affect a brand’s image.

How to Remove Background Noise Effectively:

Now, let’slet deep dive into steps to reduce the background noise while recording effectively. You can follow this step-by-step guide to reduce thenoise from your videos effectively. All the steps are explained below. Read it carefully.

  • Choose a quiet location first. When shooting indoors, record in soundproof rooms or peaceful times to reduce background noise.
  • Use microphones of good brands to record voice effectively.
  • Adjust the position of your microphone correctly so that it dos not record the distracted sounds.

You can follow these steps to reduce the noise effectively. After all this there is noise in the video, you can remove it using the VN video editor.

Clear Background Noise By Using VN Video Editor:

Background noise destroys overall video experiences and distracts the people. Content creators or social media influencers can lose their audience if noise is in their videos. As a result of the background noise, people will not engage with your main content, even if it is beneficial.

Now look at the steps to remove the background noise Using VN Video Editor online easily.

  • Open the VN Video Editor on your smartphone or PC.
  • Click on the “+” icon on the bottom and then click on “Add New Project.”
  • Select a video and click “➡” in the bottom right corner.
  • Now, there are three methods to remove the audio. Select the video on the timeline, tap the audio button, and mute or remove the remove audio from the video. You can also add background music to reduce the noise in video.
  • Third, tap on the volume icon and adjust it accordingly when you feel that the noise is completely removed.
  • Click the share button, adjust the resolution manually, and export your video.
  • Congrats! The background noise is effectively removed from your video.
Click On The Mute Button
Add Music In Your Video
Adjust The Volume Of Audio


Your videos can be edited with VN Video Editor’s audio editing features, including noise reduction. By using VN Video Editor you can stabilize your video.

It is true that people dislike background noise and that if you are a content creator, you may lose your audience. A video with no noise will be considered well edited and stabilized.

Select a quiet place for recording, and in case indoors, try to record in a soundproof room or at a peaceful time.

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