How to Stabilize video in vn video editor

How to stabilize video in VN Video Editor: A Professional Guide

Video stabilization is a crucial aspect that can make our videos look professional or destroy their visual quality. VN Video Editor is a powerful tool that offers all the trending powerful features for free. But the question is how to stabilize video in VN Video Editor? VN Video Editor provides its users with a video stabilization feature that can help them make smooth and captivating videos.

How to Stabilize video in vn video editor

Shaky or unstable videos look unprofessional and will never hook an audience. But there is no need to worry; VN Video Editor makes it possible to tackle this problem. We will guide you through the process of stabilizing your videos using VN Video Editor effectively.

Video Stabilization By Using VN Video Editor(Why it is Necessary?):

Video Stabilization is crucial for video editing. Shakya nd blurry videos are not good to watch. People usually avoid such shaky and blurry videos. VN Video Editor offers its users all the trending premium features for free. Video stabilization feature of VN is so powerful that it stabilize your video with a single click.

Enhanced Video Quality:

Using the video Stabilization feature in VN Video Editor can reduce the unwanted motion or blur caused by camera shake, wind, or other sudden movements. Video stabilization in VN Video Editor helps you create smoother and more professional videos.

Professional Appearance:

Video stabilization gives videos a professional, polished look, improving the overall video quality and making the video engaging.

Improved Viewer Experience: Video stabilization reduces overall distractions and discomfort, allowing the user to focus on the content without being distracted by unnecessary movements.

How to Stabilize Video In VN Video Editor:

Video Stabilization is a crucial aspect of making professional Videos. We have provided a comprehensive guide on stabilizing videos in VN Video Editor.

  • Open the VN Video Editor on your device.
  • Click “New Project” and select the video you want to stabilize and import.
  • Locate the video on the timeline.
  • Search for the video stabilization feature in the bottom bar.
  • Click on the Video Stabilization feature and apply it to your video.
  • Adjust the settings like smoothness and strength of stabilization.
  • Adjust the video accordingly and make all the necessary changes to make your videos look professional.
  • Click on “Export,” adjust the export setting accordingly, and export the video.
  • Congrats! You may now upload your stabilized video to social media platforms.

Tips For Effective Video Stabilization:

  • Use a tripod stand or any stabilizing equipment to reduce distractions while recording.
  • Avoid excessive zooming to minimize distractions.
  • Record the video in a peaceful environment so the wind cannot cause distractions or unnecessary shakiness.


Video Stabilization in VN Video editor is known for reducing camera shake and other unnecessary movements to make a raw video look professional.

Stabilizing video in VN Video Editor increases video quality by reducing blurry or unwanted camera movements.

Yes, the VN video editor allows you to preview the stabilized video to ensure that the desired level of stabilization has been achieved before exporting.


You can effectively improve the overall video quality by mastering the video stabilization feature in VN Video Editor. Video stabilization in VN Video Editor will give your videos a smoother and more professional look. You can transform your shaky videos into a professional video by following the simple steps explained in the guide. Elevate your video editing skills with VN Video Editor to produce high-quality, professional videos that captivate your audience.

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